Maggie Daley Park Opening October 2014

Scheduled to open in October 2014, the Maggie Daley Park will transform the sites of Daley Bicentennial Plaza into a single continuous public landscape that will operate at a variety of scales, serve a growing residential community, and join Millennium Park as a new international destination on the Chicago lakefront.

The first phase of construction at Maggie Daley Park is nearly complete!

The final concrete foundations are being installed and will be ready for the Phase 2 construction of new park light poles, climbing walls, and playground equipment. Through the course of the Phase 1 work the Contractor has installed 2 new walls at the Field House, 4 new plenums for the garage ventilation system, foundations for 5 large pieces of play equipment, 35 piers to support the new climbing walls, and 103 light pole foundations.

You can watch the progress live via this really cool webcam:

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