Festa Italiana: Taylor Street

Chicagoland does not disappoint with it’s plethora of street fests. Beer and wine tents, some mini-carny rides for the kids, yummy local food and just plain ‘fun’ music.

My husband and I never “plan” to make our Taylor Street Festa Italia an official date night since we always seem to wind up there somehow. This year we’re making it real, getting a sitter, and I’m scoring a couple of dances, under the street lights… to someone covering Frank or Dean.

Check out the details and join us please. This weekend, August 5th-8th. They’ve planned some culinary demonstrations, Italian Dancers… there are sure to be a few local arts booths. The casual atmosphere is great, the fun of a festival without the craziness of an uncontrolled crowd.

Oh and did I mention the Italian street vendors? Yum!

One thought on “Festa Italiana: Taylor Street”

  1. It was awesome. I love that the food/drink vendors run on CASH. Tickets are always a hassle. We had some amazing new Italian treats, weather cooperated pretty well. It’s nice to see that Little Italy is still as vibrant as ever and has a bunch of new restaurants opened up!

    I took a peek inside the newly opened Vintage Lounge. Wow, amazing design inside, good looking Americana/Italian/Bar menu. Definitely on the higher end of the scale. The place looks like a fine restaurant but slants itself as a cocktail lounge. Hope to do a review soon.

    We stopped in the Bar 10 Doors on Taylor Street (part of 1.61 restaurant?) for a beverage. In contrast to Vintage it felt younger, new. Didn’t get to the restaurant side, but we’ve heard good things.

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