Critical Mass

As you all may have noticed, Chicago has been incredibly uncomfortable lately due to the skyrocketing heat and humidity. My husband and I decided to look it square in the eye and laugh last month when we joined Chicago’s Critical Mass for their ride of the month.

Critical Mass photo by Joe Marinaro

CCM (Chicago Critical Mass) is basically organized chaos for bicyclists. A group of strangers gets together the last Friday every month, jumps on their bicycles and rides. The routes may be predetermined but I’m told you never wind up where you think you might. We started our ride at Daley Plaza, “splintered” off after ten miles of the ride and found ourselves back in Little Italy for a late night glass of beer at Little Joes on Taylor Street.

GREAT date night… We worked out, laughed with each other… at each other, met some wonderfully interesting people and probably perplexed a few others driving home from work. We spent all of ten dollars at the bar.

Seriously though, check out the website. It’s a bit of crazy fun after a long week at work. What do you guys think? Does Critical Mass make for a good Date Night?

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