The Wing Man

We love to laugh along with Clay Whipple and as a fellow Chicagoan, husband and blogger we thought it would be appropriate to share his humor and wisdom with you today.

Clay introduces us to the wife-as-wingman concept and the horrors of attending a benefit without backup.

Later on though, your wing man becomes your wife, and though her wing man responsibilities are very different than your buddy’s responsibilities, she is nonetheless just as important in the wing man position. She makes sure not to schedule too many family events during playoff hockey games. She reminds you to use your Rogaine. She makes sure your stock of double stuffed Oreos is never depleted. She reminds you to trim you nose and ear hair. She makes sure you don’t leave the house wearing acid washed jeans from 1987 (I thought those looked good on me). And she makes sure that you have someone to talk to in case you find yourself in a room with a bunch of strangers.

You sometimes take your wing man for granted, but it’s when your wing man is M.I.A. that you realize just how important he/she is.

[Source: Clay’s Day – The Wing Man]

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